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Our goal is to exceed your wildest expectation.

Create the memories in your backyard that last for a lifetime. We are the premier builders of swimming pools and complete outdoor remodels in South Florida.
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About us

Pools By DBC is a family firm that has been designing and building outdoor living solutions for over 30 years.
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Why work with us

Pools By DBC is committed to providing the utmost quality work accompanied by superior customer service.
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Our processes

Discover our processes in the management of a project, in Pool By DBC we seek transparency in our processes.
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We build residential and commercial projects

Are you looking to remove the hassle of going back and forth? No problem! Request a free bid, and one of our patio shade designers will come to you with physical samples, allowing you to choose your options from the comfort of your home.
Our designers desire for your home to look as good as you do. They walk you through the process, ensuring your shade fits perfectly with your house: mix and match styles, colors, and even column styles. Once you’ve finished the consultation, you can be confident that your outdoor area will be looking good in no time.
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About us

Pools By DBC

Family-owned and operated by two sister companies, Pools By DBC has been designing and constructing outdoor living solutions for over 30 years. With an established history of residential and commercial projects, the two provide a special uniqueness to the company, adding to its success.
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Our values

Why work with us

Pools By DBC is committed to providing all-inclusive high-quality results accompanied by superior customer service. Hiring only the best in the industry, we pride ourselves on a reputation of hard work and dedication, striving to uphold our values each day through each project.
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Our project management style

Our project managers focus on one main project at a time and handle all design, materials, logistics, and installation sequences.

Project monitoring

We provide transparency throughout your experience. You’ll have the owner’s contact info, and the owner will check each job for quality control.


We take our time doing all it takes to provide you with quality products, as we believe in doing it one time and with excellence.

Swimming Pool & Home Improvement Financing

Financial available

If you’re looking for knowledgeable, fast, and reliable swimming pool financing, home improvement loans, or a loan for a backyard renovation project, you’ve come to the right place. We help you re-imagine your backyard with a dreamy swimming pool and assist with financing.

Financing available

Home improvement

Getting a home improvement loan or swimming pool financing doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming process. After many years of assisting homeowners obtain home improvement financing, the team at HFS Financial is your perfect home improvement financing partner.
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our simple process

Consult, design, build & enjoy!

Our process comprises design rules and factors applied as the project is carried out. Design rules or principles are aesthetic guidelines that assist with creating visually pleasing solutions, which are crucial to a successful design. The critical question to remember is, “Is this space functional?” Pools By DBC ensures homeowners capitalize on their property while beautifying it. We provide transparency for each client throughout the process, sharing how we tie every detail into a unified design for your outdoor living space.
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